Diethylaminoethyl Chloride Hydrochloride Exporters

Shree Ganesh Chemicals (Ankleshwar) Gujarat India.

About Diethylaminoethyl Chloride Hydrochloride

Diethylaminoethyl Chloride Hydrochloride is an API Intermediate.

Diethylaminoethyl Chloride Hydrochloride is used in manufacturing chemistry of various APIs and advanced intermediates.

CAS No:869-24-9
Molecular Weight:172.10 g/mol
Appearance:Almost White Powder
API / Enduse:Amiodarone, Bietaserpine, Butetamate, Camylofin, Ciclonium bromide, Clomifene, Cloricromen, DEA Dextran, Dimazole, Etafanone, Etamiphylline, Fenoxedil, Flurazepam, Gallamine triethiodine, Imolamine, Isothipendyl, Methadone, Myrtecaine, Naftidrofuryl, Oxitefonium bromide, Penthienate methobromide, Phenglutarimide, Promethazine, Propoxycaine, roxymetacaine, Tiamulin, Tibezonium iodide, Tiropramide

Diethylaminoethyl Chloride Hydrochloride Manufacturers

Shree Ganesh Chemicals is one of the leading diethylaminoethyl chloride hydrochloride manufacturers of the country. We have the high-end manufacturing capacity to make a good quantity of diethylaminoethyl chloride hydrochloride for a variety of buyers across the country. Diethylaminoethyl chloride hydrochloride is an API Intermediate which is used in many industries. Primarily it is used in manufacturing chemistry of several APIs and advanced intermediates. We have the right resources and infrastructure to manufacture top-quality Diethylaminoethyl chloride hydrochloride, Isobutyryl chloride manufacturers and many other chemicals.

Listed below are a few of the top reasons that make Ganesh Chemicals one of the finest diethylaminoethyl chloride hydrochloride manufacturers of the country:

Quality Assurance and Control

We have an autonomous process to ensure that the complete product supply chain works as per the standard operating procedures of the organization. All the processes that we follow are complaint with cGMP practices. Shree Ganesh Chemicals has an all-encompassing laboratory which is apt for performing several quality checks. We perform quality tests not only on the end products but also on the raw material which is used to make the product. Although, we always make sure to buy raw material from some of the best vendors in the industry. As one of the leading Diethylaminoethyl chloride hydrochloride manufacturers, we consider it our responsibility to supply high quality products to the clients so that they are able to make the most of the products.

Certifications and Compliance

Chemical manufacturing is in intricate and critical process. Therefore, the manufacturing machinery, processes, tools, companies etc. have to have some of the important certifications that allow them to safely manufacture the chemicals. Also, there are certain necessary compliant requirements. Shree Ganesh Chemicals has acquired all the significant certifications needed to manufacture the chemicals. We fulfill all the compliance requirements as wellDiethylaminoethyl chloride hydrochloride p>

Utmost care of the packaging and supply

We take good care of the careful and safe transportation of the diethylaminoethyl chloride hydrochloride as well. We use latest methods to package and supply the chemicals in the finest form. We also take complete care of the safety while packaging the supplying the chemical.

Diethylaminoethyl chloride hydrochloride is used in many industries as it has several applications. We have been supplying it to many companies in different quantities as per their needs. We also cater to the customized requirements. If you have any specific requirements, please feel free to discuss them with our diethylaminoethyl chloride hydrochloride exporters team.

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We are entrusted with processes such as purification of various compounds and custom synthesis of drug intermediates with chemical reaction expertise.