Isobutyryl Chloride Manufacturers

Shree Ganesh Chemicals is one of the most reliable Isobutyryl Chloride manufacturers in the country. We have a vast history of manufacturing and supplying good quality Isobutyryl Chloride to several clients across the world. It is a Chloro Alkyl Amine type of intermediate. Isobutyryl Chloride is used in many industries across the world for many purposes. Therefore, we have been consistently supplying highly effective chemical to more than 20 countries. The chemical is primarily used in the synthesis chemistry for the manufacturing of polymer and several chemical molecules.

Isobutyryl Chloride Manufacturer & Exporter- CAS 79-30-1

Shree Ganesh Chemicals (Ankleshwar) Gujarat India.

About Isobutyryl Chloride Exporters - CAS 79-30-1

Shree Ganesh Chemicals is one of the leading manufacturers of Isobutyryl Chlorides. We are exporting Isobutyrul Chloride (CAS 79-30-1) to more than 20 countries.

Isobutyryl Chloride is used in synthesis chemistry to manufacture polymer and further chemical molecules. Isobutyryl Chloride is a Chloro Alkyl Amine type of intermediate.

CAS No:79-30-1
Molecular Weight:106.55 gm/mol
Appearance:White Powder
Assay:99% min
API / Enduse:Isobutyryl chloride is a useful intermediate commonly used in synthetic chemistry.

Cutting-edge infrastructure for manufacturing Isobutyryl Chloride:

Modern infrastructure plays a major role in the manufacturing of high-quality chemicals. From the beginning, we have focused on building a strong manufacturing unit that is equipped with all the tools and resources needed to make good quality chemical. We are considered as one of the best Isobutyryl Chloride manufacturers because we have the facility to flawlessly manufacture this chemical at a great pace and with high level of accuracy. We use the latest techniques in the industry for manufacturing products. Our world-class infrastructure comprises of all the machinery that is needed to make topnotch pharma chemicals. The state-of-the-art chemical manufacturing unit is capable of making chemicals in a large quantity.

Capability to manufacture chemicals in large quantities:

Our high-tech manufacturing setup is spread across a wide area of land. Our well-equipped production site consists of the appropriate laboratory infrastructure. We have setup a big manufacturing unit with the aim to manufacture a high quantity of the chemicals for the clients. If you want to purchase Isobutyryl Chloride in large quantities, please feel free to contact us. We are trusted Isobutyrul Chloride exporters and will be able to provide you the chemical in high volumes with great efficiency. Our team will understand your requirements and offer a manufacturing plan to suit your needs.

Exceptional Quality Isobutyryl Chloride

Shree Ganesh Chemicals is a trusted supplier of Isobutyryl Chloride, a valuable intermediate which is generally used in the synthetic chemistry. We have a stringent quality checking process. Additionally, we also make sure that we choose the best possible raw material to make Isobutyryl Chloride. Our comprehensive quality process empowers us to make finest quality chemicals for the clients. As one of the topmost preferred Isobutyryl Chloride manufacturers in the country, it is our prime responsibility to supply products that turn out to be beneficial for our clients.

Please feel free to contact us to know more about Isobutyryl Chloride or any other chemicals that we manufacture.

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